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When you’re planning a private party or social event – a birthday celebration, an anniversary soiree, a bar or bat mitzvah and more – you want to infuse the essence of the guest of honor into every detail. Attri Events planning and design teams are experts at asking the right questions and using our art and design studios to create the perfect event.  Social event gathering is the best way to get together with your family, friends and close ones. So, you're planning a social gathering, wedding or a family celebration, we can help you to enjoy every single minute of the celebration without taking any stress on your shoulders. From venue booking to catering, from initial conceptualization to implementation of inspiring theme parties, we do it all.


Our Social Event team is experienced in event design, logistics, coordination and production. With our full-service capabilities, Event Creative produces parties at all levels of formality and can engineer the right scene to accommodate any and all themes. We also offer an expansive range of support in vendor negotiation and management, timing and logistics, and coordination.


We always believe in meeting your expectation, desires and budget with perfect coordination and precision in conceptualization that is totally suitable for your guests at social gatherings all kinds. Perfection plays a very important role while implementing any task for events that's why we are taking care of every minute ranging from audio-visual, stage-decorations, power, guest accommodations, sitting arrangements and much more. It become easy to serve perfectly by paying close attention to the details. With professionalism and world-class services, we comprehend client's desires along with the elegant and mesmerizing designs collaborated by uniqueness in compliance to develop unbeatable excellence in terms of decorations and patterns.

13th October, 2015 - Ethnic Tihar, Tihar Jail, New Delhi
Ethnic Tihar
Ethnic Tihar 01
Ethnic Tihar 02
Ethnic Tihar 03
15th September, 2016 - Rhythm of Life, Tihar Jail, New Delhi
Rhythm of Life
Rhythm of Life 01
Rhythm of Life 02
Rhythm of Life 03, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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